Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 within 24 hours

With JumpStart 365 you can offer your customers a fully functioning Microsoft Dynamics 365 very easily and in next to no time. And at an amazingly low price too!


Expand your services: no month-long, expensive implementation stages, you need less than a couple of hours for the basic set-up, which is fully customized to your customer’s business operations.


You offer the basic set-up, so no unnecessary bells and whistles. Moreover, you can offer the full set-up and comprehensive personnel training online. This saves an enormous amount of time and money.


JumpStart 365 now puts Dynamics 365 within the reach of SMEs. You can therefore help many more customers to professionalise and increase the profitability of their businesses. This means business opportunities!

Jumpstart 365 Online

Your customers are already profiting from using Office 365. Now they want to benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics 365. They have already heard, probably from you, that this Sales, Email Marketing and/or Service department package can be set up to substantially increase service levels and revenues.

Is it expensive and time-consuming?

They possibly think that the Dynamics 365 set-up is very expensive and needs a lot of time to make it work properly. Dynamics 365 offers so many possibilities, it simply needs  many settings before it can actually be put it into operation. And then once it’s up and running, they can no longer see the wood for the trees because of all the different options available.

Getting started in no time

JumpStart 365 is a simple and affordable way of getting started with Dynamics 365. You don’t have to send along a consultant in order to offer your customers the basic set-up, which is still fully customized. Moreover, you can offer training for your customer’s personnel, so that everybody can start benefiting from it right away. Everything is online, and very affordable.

Log in to the JumpStart 365 portal now, and you’ll have the basic set-up by this afternoon:

Get started now

Getting started with JumpStart 365

JumpStart 365 offers a fully operational Dynamics 365 environment in just 5 easy steps:


First you register the customer in the JumpStart 365 portal. If the customer doesn’t already have Office 365, you can create an account for them. The customer and 24 other users within the company will receive automatic access to the full-suite Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online demo environment. The portal is extremely intuitive: you can create an environment to suit your customer in no time.

Process design

Once the house is built, you invite the customer to furnish it themselves. Or you can do this for them. The primary process is determined by the answers given to the well thought-through questions. The customer answers a series of questions about their own sales and service processes.

User configuration

They then answer questions about their team: who are the team members and what do they do? The appropriate licenses are issued according to the answers given.

Short pause…

JumpStart 365 now has enough information to set up a Dynamics environment. We have fully automated this process and so it completes within just 30 minutes. In the meantime your customer can download the import template for the relevant databases.

Getting started

The Help & Training screen provides your customer with all the necessary support. For example it includes a film clip about the basic possibilities of Dynamics, as well as instructions for importing master data. Their personnel can use our video teaching material when and where it suits them. You can also link into Outlook from this screen and attach portable devices and ask a ‘CRM pro’ questions – either to you or to us, whatever you prefer. The Help & Training screen gives direct access to the new Dynamics environment.

Excellent base

The result: a customized, fully operational Dynamics environment. The customer can start using it immediately, although it is also an excellent basis for making further modifications to suit their wishes.

To make a short story even shorter: within a single day and at a very affordable price, your customer can have what until recently they could only dream about: a customized Dynamics 365 environment.

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